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Each rental contract offers an optional damage waiver for an additional charge to cover your responsibility for the damage to the merchandise caused during normal use.

The Damage Waiver does not cover the repair or replacement costs of items that are misused, mishandled, or otherwise abused (example: a chair breaks when being used as a ladder).

Damage Waiver is an optional 7% per line item and covers reasonable, accidental damage to the equipment incurred with normal use. It is optional and is non-refundable. All reservations over $200.00 is required to purchase the damage waiver. 

If the damage waiver is declined and any rental items are damaged, the customer will be responsible for the replacement charges for the damaged items. Replacement charges will be assessed on any equipment due to loss, theft, abuse, or intentional damage by the customer.

Responsibility for equipment remains with customer from delivery/pick up until returned. Please be sure equipment is secured when not in use and is protected from weather and irrigation/sprinkler equipment. Broken equipment must be returned in order for the Damage Waiver to apply.

Linen that gets wet during the course of an event may mildew if you put them in a bag. The damage waiver does not cover mildew as it is the customer's responsibility to let linen air dry if/before bagging them.


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