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For the purpose of this Rental Agreement:

K&B Event Rentals (K&B) shall mean the Rental Company, its owners, officers, directors, and employees. Lessee shall mean Customers, guests/visitors of lessee, and their agents, contractors and/or employees. Rental Agreement shall mean the itemized list of items contained in the electronic estimate or invoice emailed or faxed to the lessee, who by virtue of having signed the estimate or invoice, and/or paid an advance deposit or in full, expresses his or her agreement with the contents of the Estimate or Invoice. Rental Center shall mean K&B Event Rentals showroom or warehouse, or any other facility owned or leased by K&B Event Rentals where the storage, maintenance or transfer of its equipment occurs. In reference to leasing the rental item(s) / equipment described on the Rental Agreement, it is agreed as follows:



LESSOR, hereby agrees to lease to LESSEE the equipment described on the face of this agreement or in attached schedules in accordance with the following agreement: 




Established opened accounts are due and payable on the 1ST Monday of the month. Past due accounts bear late payment penalties at 1 1/2% per month which is an annual percentage rate of 18%.

BOOKING DEPOSIT. Rentals items will be reserved only upon receipt of this signed rental agreement, a VALID DRIVER LICENSE, AND a 50% non-refundable deposit has been paid.

The remaining balance to be paid 72 hours prior to the scheduled delivery date. Orders will not be delivered without payment in full. 

INSPECTION. Lessee acknowledges that he has had an opportunity to personally inspect the equipment and finds it suitable for his needs and in good condition. Lessee understands its proper use. Lessee further acknowledges Lessee responsibility to inspect the equipment prior to its use and to notify Lessor of any defects. 


INDEMNITY/HOLD HARMLESS. Lessee will take all necessary precautions regarding the items rented and protect all persons and property from injury or damage. Lessee agrees to hold K&B Event Rentals harmless from and against all liability, claims, judgments, attorneys’ fees and costs of every kind and nature, including, but not limited to, injuries or death to persons and damage of property, arising out of the use, maintenance– installation, operation, possession, ownership, or rental of the items rented, despite cause.

ASSUMPTION OF RISK/RELEASE DISCHARGE OF LIABILITY. Lessee is fully aware of and acknowledges that there is a risk of injury, death, or damage arising out of the use or operation of the items contained in the Rental Agreement and hereby elects to voluntarily enter into this Agreement and assume all the risks.

Lessee agrees to release and discharge K&B Event Rentals from all responsibility or liability from such injury, death, or damage arising out of the use or operation of the rental items. Lessee further agrees to waive, release, and discharge all claims for injury, death, or damage against K&B Event Rentals, which lessee otherwise may be entitled to assert.

THEFT OF EQUIPMENT. The lessee agrees to pay for equipment at its replacement cost when rented for all types of theft or mysterious disappearances. Damage waiver does not cover theft. The lessor reserves the right to charge the lessee additional charges based on lost sales, shipping, travel cost and other means deemed of inconvenience by the lessor. 

COLLECTION COST. The lessee agrees to pay all reasonable collection attorney’s and court fees and other expenses involved in the collection of charges or enforcement of the Lessor’s rights under this contract. 


The Rental Agreement may be executed or delivered by fax, or other electronic means such as email. The Rental Agreement is valid whether properly signed by the Customer or not, so long as the Customer takes possession of the rental items and/or makes payment. It is also valid if signed by another party signing on behalf of the Customer, in which case the signing party will sign their own name, and then print C/O (Care Of) “Ordering Party.”




Lessee agrees to have the site upon which the equipment is to be erected, free and clear of all obstacles, natural and man made prior to the arrival of the lessor’s work crew. Lessee agrees to have all additional decorations cleared upon arrival. If lessee fails to do so, the lessee shall pay an additional cost involved for any delay which is determined by the lessor based on the labor required.  

K&B Event Rentals reserves the right to refuse to install or deliver rental equipment due to unsafe conditions or weather. If this occurs, Customer will be liable for a minimum of 50% of the total cost specified in the Rental Agreement. In the absence of unsafe weather or other conditions, K&B Event Rentals will use all appropriate means and methods to secure the rental equipment for the safety of the Customer and the equipment.

K&B Event Rentals is not responsible for underground utilities, and charges for time out, whether equipment is used or not. If permission is granted by the Customer to stake anything into the ground at their desired location, then it is the sole responsibility of the Customer to check for underground utilities and water mains.


Lessee will provide a 50% NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT for to reserve their order. Lessees who cancel their order at any time after a deposit is provided WILL LOSE THEIR DEPOSIT regardless of their circumstances or reasons for cancellation. Adjustments to orders can be made. A 25% restocking fee applies per line if you change your order within 48 hours. This is applied regardless of the invoice decreasing or increasing. 

Specialty items include specialty cut linens, and items that require K&B to manufacture, sub-rent, or purchase equipment. Specialty items are non-refundable once they have been ordered by K&B, or manufacturing of such items has begun. Canopies & heaters must be canceled at least 5 days prior to delivery/pickup, but any such adjustments shall not reduce the total price of the invoice below the amount of the NON-REFUNDABLE 50% DEPOSIT.



DELIVERY/PICK UP. Delivery fees are calculated based on items selected, distance traveled, and event times. Delivery includes assembly and installation of rental items before the event and pick up of the items once the event has ended. Delivery is made to the closest point the truck can park. Extra charges will result in deliveries to upstairs, elevator use or any point where extra time is involved. During pick up where no prior arrangements have been made and equipment is not knocked down and assembled in one sheltered area, the lessee will be charged an additional one-day rental.  


A valid license must be presented when picking up. The contracted lessee should send over a valid license before pick up and/or delivery. If the lessee sends someone else to pick up the items, that individual is required to provide a valid license as well. 



EQUIPMENT USAGE AND RETURN. Lessee right of possession terminates on the expiration of the rental period and retention of possession after extension must, at Lessor’s election be mutually agreed upon in writing. Lessee shall return all the equipment to Lessor’s premises during Lessor’s regular business hours, in the condition and repair as when delivered to Lessee, subject only to reasonable wear and tear. 

CLEANING. China, glassware, and flatware must be returned rinsed and repacked properly in boxes provided or additional charges will be assessed. 

Linens. Table linens are inspected prior to pick up and upon return. DO NOT ROLL UP OR PLACE WET LINENS IN ANY BAG-mildew will result. If there are obvious damages such as mildew, excessive stains, burns or tears, you will be charged the cost of replacing the linen. RETURN ALL LINENS DRY AND FREE OF WASTE. 



A non-refundable damage waiver of 7% is suggested for all renters especially if you are providing services for a third-party client. The damage waiver will automatically be applied to all rental orders over $200. Lessee understands this is NOT Insurance. The damage waiver covers normal wear and tear of rental equipment. Excessive damage or negligent care outside of the normal wear and tear is not covered by the damage waiver fee and will result in an additional billing to the Lessee. 


PAYMENT FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE. Lessee agrees to pay for any damages to rented equipment regardless of cause, except reasonable wear and tear, while equipment is out of possession of Lessor. Lessee also agrees to pay a reasonable cleaning charge for all equipment returned dirty. Rental equipment damaged beyond repair will be paid for by Lessee at its replacement cost when rented. The cost of repairs will be borne by the Lessee, whether performed by Lessor, or at the Lessor’s option by others. LESSOR HAS 48 HOURS TO NOTIFY THE LESSEE OF ANY MAJOR DAMAGES. LESSOR IS ENTITLED TO AN ADDITIONAL 48 HOURS IF POTENTIALLY DAMAGED ITEMS HAVE TO BE OUTSOURCED FOR ADDITIONAL CLEANING/REPAIRS. 

ADVERTISEMENT. K&B focuses heavily on advertisement marketing. We take advantage of the social media platforms available. We often use materials submitted by customers for marketing and advertisement. If your event embodies attributes that we would like for potential future customers to experience photos of your event displaying our rental items and/or human beings enjoying our rental items by be displayed.  As a K&B customer you agree and authorize the following. 

  • I authorize and grant K&B Event Rentals to take my photos regarding my experiences with them.

  • I grant K&B Event Rentals to use my photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. I allow K&B Event Rentals to edit, alter, copy, or distribute the photos for social media advertising and marketing.

  • I agree that the photos belong to K&B Event Rentals and that I will not receive any monetary compensation. 


Appearance of Products Online.


We have done our best to display as accurately as possible the colors of the linens on our website. However, because the colors you see will depend on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor will display accurately. 



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